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31618008 Unbranded  Tube
31618008 Unbranded  Tube
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31618008 Unbranded Tube

AUCTION ITEM PICKUP LOCATION: Salt Lake Distribution Challenger,634 Challenger Rd,Salt Lake City,Utah,84116

Condition: New

NPS#: 31618008
Item Specifics:
Bin: B-35432
Location: L-713-003X
Area: Building 7 7 Auction B
Phone: 801-869-3309
Area: L-713-003X Phone: 801-869-3309


1. Bid on the items you want

2. If you are outbid you will receive an email notification

3. Proxy (Automatic) bidding is enabled so that you can bid what you are willing to pay but the bid will only go that high if someone else bids it up. If you are outbid and you have a valid email connected to your account you will be notified. The price increment between bid amounts will increase based off of how high the bid is. $0-$100 it will increase by $1 and $101-$500 it will increase by $5 and so on.

4. Popcorn bidding is enabled which means, once the time runs out and if you or another customer bids right before the auction ends it will automatically extend a few minutes to give you or other customers a chance to counter bid. This goes back and forth a limited number of times (no more than 10) so bid accordingly. The purpose is to prevent snipe bidding which is where a customer will swoop in at the last second and take the auction.


1. After the bidding is complete you will be notified via email that you won an auction.

2. Open notification on your phone or computer and click the link to make your payment.

3. Winners have 48 hours to purchase their item otherwise the auction may be awarded to the second highest bidder.

4. Failure to pay for winnings will be tracked and can lead to removal from future auctions. (See below bidder agreement for more information.)

Pick Up:

- Winners have two business days to pick up their items.

- If items are not picked up within the two business days you will be refunded minus restocking fees.

- $10 restocking fee for each pallet or each item larger or longer than a standard pallet (42"x48")

- $2.50 for all auctions smaller than that ? Failure to pick up winnings will be tracked and can lead to removal from future auctions. (See below bidder agreement for more information.) ? Banana Boxes and Pallets are not included.

- Banker boxes may be purchased either prior to pickup or in person dependent on availability. Other boxes and bags may be provided if available but not guaranteed.

Bidder Agreement As of May 30, 2020

- All lots are sold AS-IS, WHERE-IS with no implied warranty of any kind offered.

- No site discounts are offered towards an auction. You will be required to pay what your winning bid is plus tax.

- ALL SALES ARE FINAL. No returns, refunds or exchanges. - Bidders are responsible for ensuring their bid submissions are correct. We do not refund mistakes.

- All items advertised in the lot must be taken. Merchandise deliberately left behind/abandoned is prohibited and will result in either account suspension or permanent removal from auction participation.


-If you win an auction because the person who outbid you doesn't pay, you are not required to purchase the item and/or pallet.

- Failure to collect lot winnings by the indicated deadline will result in deactivation of the bidders account and a suspension. The penalties for failing to collect lot winnings are as follows: 1st Offense = account suspended for 30-Days 2nd Offense = account suspended for 90-Days 3rd Offense = account permanently deactivated and a ban from future auction attendance

- All items are LOCAL PICKUP ONLY. We do not offer shipping. 

-Banana boxes and pallets NOT included in the auction.

- NPS Employees will retrieve all lot winnings and bring them to you.

- NPS Auction reserves the right to end the listing of any item during the auction at any time.

- Contacting the shipper, consignee or manufacturer with the intent on selling the merchandise back is prohibited and will be punishable by account deactivation and removal from future auctions.

National Product Sales reserves the right at it's discretion to change, modify, add or remove portions of the terms at anytime by posting the amended terms.

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