Starting in May Pick-up Location "634 Challenger Rd"

Local Pickup |

Curbside Contactless Pickup


STEP ONE: Add Items To Cart

Add all the items you desire to your cart, to move onto step 2 click the shopping cart on the top right corner of the page.


STEP TWO: Select Store Location

While in your cart scroll down and you will see (on the right hand side) all of the available store locations for pickup. Select the store that you would like to pickup your items from. 


STEP THREE: Receive Confirmation and Head to Store

Wait for a confirmation email from us that your order has been processed and is ready for pickup, then head to the store. Give us a call once you arrive to the store location, be sure to park in one of our designated parking spots for in-store pickup. One of our employees will come to your vehicle and ask for your order confirmation, and your ID. Once your order is confirmed just pop open your trunk and we will gladly put your items in your trunk for you. Pick up hours are Monday-Friday 10 A.M till 5 P.M.

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