Pallet Sorts end on Sept 25th, starting at 6pm. Pickup on Sept 26th & 27th

Auction Terms & Conditions

NPS Auction

Effective June 16, 2022


  • All items are online preview only. There is no in-person preview at this time.


  • NPS Auction utilizes both proxy and dynamic bidding features.

Warranty & Returns:

  • ALL AUCTION SALES ARE FINAL. Merchandise sold through an auction is non returnable/refundable.
  • NPS Auction is not an authorized dealer of any of the merchandise up for bid. Therefore we do not guarantee that the item featured in the listing will be covered by the manufacturer's warranty or support. 


  • Buyers will have (2) business days after close of auction to purchase and remove their item(s)
  • All payments are done online. Cash payments will not be accepted on location.
  • No site discounts are offered towards an auction. You will be required to pay what your winning bid is plus tax.


  • Each listing will indicate the location where the item can be collected at. This will also be shown in the email you receive after winning the auction.
  • All items are LOCAL PICKUP ONLY. Shipping is not available.
  • Bulk containers, metal stack racks, pallets, rolling carts are property of NPS and are excluded from sale.

Other Requirements:

  • If the buyer fails to make payment before the purchase deadline, the item will be deemed forfeit. The buyer will be charged a restocking fee and may have his/her account restricted from future bidding.
  • NPS auction reserves the right to sell any unpaid merchandise at its discretion to the next highest bidder.
  • NPS Auction reserves the right to end the listing of any item during the auction at any time.
  • Contacting the shipper, consignee or manufacturer with the intent on selling the merchandise back is prohibited and will be punishable by account deactivation and removal from future auctions.
  • NPS Auction reserves the right to request the return of an item sold through its auctions that might be done so within reason (reasonability will be determined by NPS)
  • NPS Auction reserves the right at its discretion to change, modify, add or remove portions of the terms at any time by posting the amended terms.
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